Aryo Leylax: Iranian government and Sepah cannot conceal their political and security plans

In the last few decades along political plans against the Kurdish nation, the Iranian regime has started to build dams to generalize urbanity and ruining village population system. Because of the extreme suppression by the regime within the country, no one could hear the voice of the civic environment organization and liberals. Therefore, the only people supportive are East Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) military, Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KODAR) and Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), however, political or military each one of them will support the Kurdish nation and all other Iranian nation. Iranian regime’s hidden plans of building dams such as Darian that would destroy Bil spring has not been disseminated. To disclose some hidden plans by the regime, the Forat news presenter is having an interview with Sîrwan Aryo Leylax who is a member of the council management in KODAR.


Interview context

Q: Why did YRK have three operations about Kani Bil (Bil Spring)?

A: We as Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KODAR) several times have warned that the Islamic republic of Iran should stop such a politic that target Kurdistan geography and people, But Islamic republic of I ran and Sepah have ignored our notice and keep carried destroying and followed their political and economical aims to build dams. However, several times they promised the civil activities and people in the region if they are going to stop the project of Daryan dam, this was only a politic to calm people down but they did not stop to do it. Consequently, according to our lawful defense to make them stop building Daryan dam, we practically decided to notice them at some points.

Q: What is the secret of increasing dam construction in eastern Kurdistan? Why Iranian regime is following such a politic?

A: The Islamic republic of Iran is using media to pretend that the dam construction is an advancement and development project in the region, ignoring peoples’ requests in eastern Kurdistan causes economic troubles and to sort this, the dam construction is meaningless and it is impossible to conceal their political and security plans in behind of dam construction. Coordinated protests, coherent civil organization, and all Kurdistan ecology regions are meaning of failure such as demagogic. The Iranian military, security and media institution cannot describe destroyed Kurdistan geography in the name of advancement of the economy. Several times engineers and environment entity presented solution projects to control water scarcity, but Iranian regime prevented to do this so. Not to solve problems besides using alternative resolutions such as a critical solution is meant that Sepah infiltrate in the economy to achieve their military and security aims under the project of building dams. Ruing plants, jungle and animals would destroy the village nature system, would disconnect village and city communicate and increase wage earners and keep people away from the self-sufficient economy. It would destroy the ancient association of Kurdistan regions and historical and cultural symbol which belong to these people. On the other hand would block and limit transmission and stopping people communicate with Guerrilla.

Q: What is related between being anti-Nature and Kurdistan population, especially village citizens, and Kurdish issues?

A: To displace people in around the dams and empty the areas would push people to move to the cities or around it, in this point people have to content economic crisis and at least not having the ideal job. This is the way to make people join government related department and Basij. This all has been adjusted by government special war militarily just to destroy natural geography and make people give up. But as I said our people in eastern Kurdistan are aware of dam instruction and its backwash and they would not let such a plan to be done.

Q: From now onwards what would be KODAR and YRK practical reaction?

A: Also saving nature community especially village life system is our intellectual foundation. From the beginning of the battle till this moment we have reacted against any ecology threat. If Iranian regime keeps following such a politic we would react more seriously. So we warn anybody or any organization who intentionally or unintentionally are supporting such a hidden plan of Sepah, we would warn them to stop. Also, we warn Islamic republic of Iran and Sepah if they keep crime, then we would have more seriously reacted in the name of defend. Fighting and protecting in this way is our duty and our responsibility of the patriot, in the way that social is our supportive. Loads of campaigns and movements of people being done to save Bil spring.


Source: Firat News Agency
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